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Hello Dolls!

I’m conducting my first blog giveaway ever. And i am so giddy about it! I am celebrating simple things: Recent beach experience, upcoming event and LIFE is BEAUTIFUL! This is also my THANK YOU giveaway to all my readers.:)


Here are the prizes you are to…

Fingers crossed. Goodluck girls.! ^_^

The Maine - Color

We all feel a little fucked up sometimes.

Gonna see The Maine on Saturday.! ^_^

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We Are The In Crowd - “Kiss Me Again featuring Alex Gaskarth”

It’s finally out.! Taylor’s super cute with the dress and flower on her head. And Alex? well, guy can’t get any sexier than that. Just wish they showed them kissing in the end. hehe. ♥


It’s like angels singing….

We Are The In Crowd Premiere Alex Gaskarth Duet


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5 years, 5 months, 5 weeks


Our problem, as humans, is we assess significance according to time. The longer we feel invested in something the more important it seems.
But why? 

Who’s to put a timestamp on the imprint an individual can make on a person and their life. 

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Smash Project 2012

photo from last year’s trip to Bicol. Wish I bought that hat. I want them now. T_T

want this as my bg..lemme try eh..

me and my girls Vanie and Rica..hehe..!♥